Here are a few important values in the life of St John's, come and experience a genuine community of people. St John's Church is a Church that is Seeking after God's heart, desiring Jesus to be at the centre of all we do, and is a church that is open to the work of the Holy Spirit.


Our Worship is passionate, intimate, and is accessible for all to encounter the living God.


At St John's Church we are seeking to be a family of people that care for each other, care for our area, and care for our nation and world in which we live. St John's is seeking to become a community of people in which each person can find, healing, faith, hope, and love. We are not perfect, why don't you come and be part of a community that is being shaped by people like you!

Continuity & Change

We desire to pass on to a new generation the unchanging message of the Christian Faith. As a community of people we will embrace the pain of change joyfully for the sake of reaching our area with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Cross & Resurrection.

We want to share all that Jesus has done for all by dying on the cross, and tell everyone about how he conquered death by his resurrection. This same power that conquered death lives in each Christian who believes in Jesus.


We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and under the direction and power of God's Spirit it transforms and changes lives. God's word can speak to the very heart of each human being so that we are able to make a decision to follow him. Flowing from that decision we believe soaking in God's word and allowing God's Spirit to change us equips us for the task of living daily as Christ followers.